Iravukku Aayiram Kangal Movie Review

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Genre: Depicting crime * bewildered situation about what is going to happen.

Synopsis: Tall and good-looking guy Arulnithi always preferred to go with distinct screenplay and this year sieved for thriller content, but somehow managed in the second half with many twirls and trended, that the audiences couldn’t endeavour to prognosticate, who is the killer. Unluckily, in the first half, the sluggish content ditched with somnolence sequences.

A writer’s eccentric involved in the screenplay, she predicts the true fact in the climax and it was, the hero Bharath who  hides a secret consequence about her lover. The call taxi driver Bharath character is done by Arulnithi and his lover, who is a nurse in the private hospital and by god’s grace there is no amorous sequels.

Arulnithi’s flicks, most probably engaged  with the decorous love affair and sequential by a stronger script would have involved and in this picture “Iravukku Aayiram Kangal has focused with suspenseful story.

Story: An opening, a call taxi driver Bharath and private hospital nurse keep clean love on each other. In this, Ganesh character was tortuous and distributes Suseela (Mahima). He has constrained Suseela to keep the affair with him. Interim, Ganesh had two ladies support, who are Anitha (Vidya Pradeep), and Maya (Suja), their targets were vigorously ensnares on wealthy elderly men and find out their weakness with ladies and finally threats them to defraud their money.

 Now in this, Chaya Singh’s husband Vasanth who is a business person and he was targeted, next was a rich middle aged man Aadukalam Naren who brooked with cheater gang. In all these confusions. Among the gang, Maya was murdered in her house, the guy Bharath and one rich man Murugesan (Ananda Raj), comes out of Maya house. This situation leads many hiccups, which climax sufficed out, that Bharath was doing everything for her lover.

Arulnithi who come in seemly appearance and his performance gimmicks everyone,  Chaya Singh’s on screen visual aspect was less, but in the second half she had been supporting the flick, Ananda Raj’s upcoming movies really blow out of characters simultaneously blasting the humorous, as in a negative role the guy Ajmal need sufficient actions.

The songs were desegregated with postulated, which was not guileful to the audiences, but luckily Sam CS’s BGM works out well, Cinematography was booming out fabulous. Finally, the first half little bit stretches with more unsealed sequels other than good attempt.

Verdict: Thrilled was looking forward to a greater extent.




Mahima Nambiar

Vidya Pradeep

Chaya Singh

Suja Varunee



John Vijay Vasanth

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan as Writer vaijayanthi

Aadukalam Naren

Achyuth Kumar



Directed by *Mu. Maran

Produced by * G. Dilli Babu

Music by * Sam CS

Cinematography * Aravinnd Singh

Edited by * San Lokesh

Production Company * Axess Film Factory

Distributed by * 24PM

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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