Irumbu Thirai Movie Review

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Genre: Action * hold back with cyber crime, and the prey is to give cognizance on internet mafia.

Synopsis: In the production of Vishal “Irumbu Thirai” exploring out the strong iron drape, how the innocent middle class people affected by the situation and getting locked in their ingenuousness. Initially, Vishal Kathiravan projects that he wanted to settle in aboard, so Kathiravan approach many foreign ladies to get married and in a sequence appears as a major Kathiravan, who never manages the anger. This leads him to take psychic for controlling the anger, suddenly it was recalled “En Peru Surya En Veedu India” but, luckily the anger concept not come for full fledged.

Story: An unveiling director P. Mithran browse the consequences of cyber crime on smartphones and visuals an individual person’s details were grabbed without their knowledge. As the director unfolds with commercially, Kathiravan who is carefree guy that he cherished to go out of India and live happy life in aboard.

Once this scene gets over Kathiravan appears in major eccentric and services in an army that was forced by his father Delhi Ganesh. Now, a middle class guy who attempts suicide and his wife was helpless to pay the loan amount every month, when the bank employee approaches her and major react brutally this public attachment creates problem with major Kathiravan’s career. The superior officer asks major to meet the government authorized psychiatrist had to approve for his mental fitness.

The psychiatric doctor Rathi Devi (Samantha), was examined and his personal life was affected that his father often gets loans from the people and for this reason he keeps away from his family. After counselling Rathi Devi asking Kathiravan to go to back his hometown and make satisfying his family members. But Kathiravan doesn’t show any interested to go back. So Rathi is asking him to take selfies and upload on Facebook.

Once, Kathiravan survive with his father and sister that he comes to know Kathiravan’s sister gets affair with wealthy guy and the parents asks ten lakhs and he wishes to give that amount to restrain his sister happy.

Now, he has been forced to get loans from an agent with a fake address proof and the process gets over within a few minutes the money was traversed and transferred to another account. For all these consequences, a While Devil Sathyamoorthy Arjun, who is a high tech criminal man, that he threatened major as he had forged the banks and tracks the telecommunications that keeps in his hands. Finally, Vishal breaks out the strong Irumbu Thirai of Sathyamoorthy backbone.

Verdict: After a long time Arjun comes in a negative role. Awareness script for the people.


Vishal * Major R. Kathiravan

Arjun * Sathyamoothy (White Devil)

Samantha Akkineni * Dr. Rathi Devi

Delhi Ganesh

Robo Shankar

Vincent Ashokan

Kaali Venkat * Gnanavel Raja


Directed by * P. S. Mithran

Produced by * Vishal

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * George C. Williams

Edited by * Ruben

Production Company * Vishal Film Factory

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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