Itly Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * the quality of being extremely gimcrackery and witless screaming.

Synopsis: The director focused on three old ladies Inba, Twinkle and Lily were unruly planned to loot out lump sum amount from a bank, in this based on the story, the movie moves with hilarious way. The flick contents senior artists like Manobala, Kalpana, Mansoor Ali Khan, Kovai Sarala, Kalpana and Saranya Ponvannan, their distinctive properties were used in viciousnesses by the concept of a comedy. The three close friends’ names prefix letters are joined together and the title has been framed as “Itly”, the movie made exposed them as old ladies, actually they looks young in each frame and even energy level boosts up.

Story: The director RK Vidhyadaran with exerting women. Initial level with all comedy stuffed the movie project on screen. The old ladies going to a bank to deposit 6 Lakhs for Inba’s grandchild affected by the disease. During the bank, robberies are robbing and even taking Inba’s money, which kept on the table and the bank takes responsibility towards the public which were lost. Unfortunately, Inba hasn’t had any receipt, the bank manager ignores Inba’s request and sending them out.

Now, Inba and her two friends are planning to rob with the same bank. For this plan to execute (China) Mano Bala helps them. Once they reached inside the bank. They tried to take out the money. Unluckily, stuck up inside the bank. After they are clambering, a shocking new is followed to Inba, that her grandchild was not affected by any disease. Why Inba’s granddaughter lies and in this gap a territories gang follows only the old ladies and old men. By seeing the ladies’ activities in the news. They target Inba, Twinkle and Lilly, now terrorist gang links till the end film? At last, sudden twist followed at the climax. Check out the emotional touch at the end of the film.

Inba’s character was a brave lady that she can do anything for her granddaughter, Kalpana has some queer disease called (obsessive-compulsive disorder) OCD, Kovai Sarala role keeps enjoy in her usual fit out.

Verdict: Comedies stung a lot.


Saranya Ponvannan

Kovai Sarala


Mano Bala

Mansoor Ali Khan

Anu Krishna

Imman Annachi


Directed by * RKVidhyadaran

Music by * Hari KK

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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