Ivan Thanthiran Movie Review

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Genre: Action * based flick, it contains lots of technical aspects that gadgets worked out.

Synopsis: The film lineaments Gautham Karthik and Shraddha Srinath were in the leading roles, written and direction is tracked by R. Kannan, the director exhibited the flick with all concoctions aspects, RJ Balaji sure to say his own style by non stop fun activities in his body languages and dialogues rendering, tickled is being splattered on screen, even technological knowledges are rammed to the viewing audience, IT people’s ups and downs in their career was knocked up.

Story: The director R. Kannan an erstwhile companion of Mani Ratnam, he had anticipated about the younger generation and kick out of an entertaining drama, Sakthi (Gautham Karthik) And his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) Were the engineers, but they did not depend on anybody else, both trust on them and they believe that they will achieve in their life, Sakthi and Balaji start up an electronic shop in the Ritchie Street, both used to put efforts in their work but they fail to get a good payment. When they go for fixing CCTV cameras in HRD Minister Devaraj’s house, the guys deny to give the amount for what they had fixed by the Devaraj’s brother-in-law, Sakthi was not getting the payment with the continues attempts and the Minister’s brother-in-law hassles the Sakthi and he even misses the bike and Sakthi was planning to project all the illegal activities of the Minister on the social media, even he observed of Minister corruption in the examination system in the private engineering colleges, a student commits suicide. Finally Sakthi and his friends applied all the techniques to remove the face mask of the Minister.

RJ Balaji and Gautham Karthik backbone towards the film. The director’s screenplay gives energetic, Cinematographer Prasanna Kumar’s gives his excellence in each frame.

Verdict: Proficiencies dramatic play.


Gautham Karthik * Sakthi

Shraddha Srinath

RJ Balaji

Super Subbarayan

Stunt Silva

Bharath Reddy


Madhan Bob

Sri Vignesh


Directed * R. Kannan

Produced * R. Kannan

Music * S. Thaman

Cinematography * Prasanna Kumar

Edited * Selva RK

Production company * Masala Pix

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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