Jackson Durai Movie Review

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jackson-duraiGenre:Drollery * steals the horror.

Synopsis: “Jackson” a British servant, “Durai” an Indian freedom battler. In the period of freedom fighting, Jackson was controlling Ayanpuram and the people who were treated badly and the fearless Durai against to the British, the fellow Jackson wanted to punish in Durai’s hand, Durai and his comrades, even Jackson group, Jackson family members were bursting out of the fire in a bungalow. This is the concept, all were staying as the ghosts and making the human beings to shivery.

Story: Upcoming Tamil horror films, expressing only the type as a horror content. Now a days, even children not much getting interested with silly type of horror films. What to do, yearly vise gone, now the trend is monthly the viewers are getting at least one film. As a police inspector Sathya had a bad impression among the police department, the wacky project was given to Sathya and traveling to the place of Ayanpuram. Initially, Sathya was not trusted, once he gets the challenge of 7 days, he started to realize the spirit. The challenge between the president family person of Karunakaran and with Sathya, both the guys have to stay in the ghost bungalow for seven days to get married with the president’s daughter Bindhu Madhavi. First two days were getting stretched, but with funniness made to forget the boring, then third, fourth, sixth days are making drowsiness by showing comedy spirits are fighting in the bungalow for several years, Sathya helps to the Durai gang ghosts and revenge was fulfilled with the help of Sathya. All the more scary spirits are disappearing from the bungalow.

The backbone of the film was Sathyaraj performances, and strengthen is the concept of British ghosts and Indian ghosts are fighting, once again the British ghost after ” Demonte Colony”. “Chandramukhi” concept years of Chandramukhi spirit were waiting to revenge Vettaiyan Raja in the palace. Background effects are fixed to the thrilling.

Verdict: Comedy drama



Sibiraj * Sathya

Bindu Madhavi as Viji



Yogi Babu



Directed * Dharani Dharan

Produced * M. S. Sharavanan

Written * Dharani Dharan

Music * Siddharth Vipin

Cinematography * Yuvraj

Edited * Vivek Harshan

Production company * Sri Green Productions

Distributed * Sri Thenandal Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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