Jada Movie Review

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A combo package of sport and horror.

The debut director Kumaran tried to execute with sport drama. Suddenly, in the second half he started to narrate horror script. Normally, in the Kollywood industry, North Madras based content makes out success, in the film “Jada” the young upcoming hero Kathir belongs to North Madras and he is the best player in the football.

The energetic guy Jada’s coacher decided to train him and make to join Jada in the state level group, so that he will get a job. But Jada determined to play with his team of seven members and without any rule and regulations to be followed. Which Jada never accepts his coacher’s words and decided to go with his option.

At a point, Jada convinces his coacher for the decision which he had bee took, he had a worst flashback, which made to revenge. Jada’s childhood football championship hero’s death made him decide to follow the fierceness. In a scenario, the team members were getting disqualified play in the Chennai game, which the semi final and final is deciding to play in near by village. Now, once they step into the place unknown things started to happen.

The hero Kathir had been prospered and more hopeful in his debuted film, but there is struggling has started in the film “Jada”. The actress Roshni comes in the little sequence which doesn’t grab throughout the content. Yogi Babu is extra fitting for the script. The music director Sam CS praiseworthy by his composing and given the lively feelings.

Verdict: combo offer

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Kathir * Jada

Roshni Prakash

Yogi Babu



Prajuna Sarah


Directed by * Kumaran

Music by * Sam C. S

Edited by * Richard Kevin A

Production Company * The poet studios

PRO * Guna

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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