Jiivi Movie Review

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A man’s cerebral stealing connects the events, bring out the consequences.

The director VJ Gopinath gives an intelligent attempt, a couple of guys both stays in a rental house, Saravanan (Vettri), whose love life goes on tough conditions and his friend Manikandan (Karunakaran), who is happy go guy. Both of them works in a shop, money lacking made them to think over of stealing in their owner’s house.

An endowing guy Saravanan, reads out of more books and like to visualize documentary movies and even updated himself with the knowledge. Opposite to Saravanan, who is Mani that he doesn’t have thinking abilities. Both were observing the scenarios of their house owner’s activities. That she had visually challenged daughter and incapable husband.

Both were planning to loot, Vettri was executing an idea, according to that they were robbing the things from the house owner. Vettri’s intellectual moves confuse the policeman. While execution Vettri divert the case towards his neighborhood guy. 

The director’s analytical approach on the coincidence made a curious visualization. A triangle, ends up in a point, for every action there will be an ending point. The film holds in narrating the story, as it gives a curiosity in the climax. The past consequences interconnected with Vettri and house owner’s life and that ends with a solution gives an applause to the writer Babu Tamizh. 

The hero Vettri need to make a strong on vivid impression with his acting, Karunakaran as usual, his eyes are helping him to upgrade. The songs are not distinguishing the audience at any cost. Overall, in the Tamil cinema it is a good attempt by the director. 

Verdict: watchable

Rating: 3 / 5


Vettri * Saravanan 

Mani * Karunakaran


Directed * VJ Gopinath

Written by * Babu Tamizh.

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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