Jithan 2 Movie Review

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Actor Jithan Ramesh in Jithan 2 Posters
Actor Jithan Ramesh in Jithan 2 Posters

Genre: Horror * not been ascertained, it has exposed as the peeved atrocious sequences.

Synopsis: A film Jithan is a supernatural romantic thriller film (2005) Jithan Ramesh was a debuted hero, after a long journey Jithan 2 was featured as a horror content.

Story: A scene from Jithan is an opening sequence of Jithan 2, the audience might amplify the continuation will be followed, but not such things carried over and the viewers were getting ripped off by a tale in the name of a horror film. Suriya was buying a bungalow, which was worthy of cores and he made for just fifty lakhs, reason behind was his father’s dream has to come true. Once the hero enters into the bungalow getting a spirit commotion, a photo frame of Alfred Hitchcock makes confused and the foggy followed into the house, a hole of the lock way, after these sequences, all the scenes are collapsed by a black appearance of the ghost. The intention to the ghost is not to sell the bungalow and had a sappy flashback, a first half of ugly ghost, who makes terrible to the people enters the house, second half looks beautiful ghost. Really audience will be pathetic formerly started to watch the movie. The comedian portion is stuffed by the Karunas, in the first roll his vox did not match with the original, later the audience can realize his own voices.



Jithan Ramesh
Srushti Dange
Yogi Babu
Robo Shankar
George Sona


Directed * Rahul
Produced * Rahul
Written * Vincent Selva
Music * Srikanth Deva
Cinematography * Suresh Kumar
Edited * Maruthi Krish
Production company * RPM cinemas


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