“JK enum nanbanin vaazhkkai” Review

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JK enun nanbanin Vaazhkkai
JK enun nanbanin Vaazhkkai

Cheran’s artistic drift JK ENUM NANBANIN VAAZHKKAI movie commences Jayakumar (Sharwa) life style in a lethargic way and no regularity in his daily schedules’. The director has projected face book obsession makes impact among the young generation. All of sudden hero getting changed in his behavior, becoming more responsible person with the intention of wants to achieve in his short span. JK proceeding with many business and he also getting succeed all of his projects, but in his all success his friends serving in various ways. In one point JK closest friend (Nithya) getting frustration, by making his stretched with restless life. At this point JK opening his pathetic ending life, Watch the movie on big screen how the ways he making arrangements for his family, and why the reason he facing fatality.

Director Cheran’s perception of life utter in his all movies. Cheran gives importance to the friendship but slight puzzlement, Nithya feels love or friendship with JK? In some sequence Nithya more conscious with friendliness and in one portion heroine trying to state her love. But final touch stressing with camaraderie is the best relationship. Manobala has given different dimension at a distance from comedy, he has done best performance. Santhanam’s humors make the audience fatigued. Initial stage viewers judge the movie related with struggles full of business villain Rudhratchagan (Prakashraj), but JK give and take with the villain!!!? G.V.Prakashkumar music expectation dumped in songs.

Sharwa *** Jayakumar
Nithya *** Nithya
Santhanam *** Thothathri
Manobala *** innocent character
Prasanna *** Prasanna
Sneha *** Sneha


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