Johnny Movie Review

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The film explicates, the hero channelise his posture in distinct dimensions, the content interracial up with all sorts of emotions and humorous with a happy ceasing is being visualized.

Synopsis: The guy Shakti Prashanth applying his exceptional braveness, the gentry and strength, which he is concentrating on money by achieving the richest position in the short term, for that he joins with the gang and he changes all guileful situations into harmonized to his bestowal.

“Johnny” is a remake film of one decade quondam movie of a Hindi version “Johnny Gaddaar” the director Vetriselvan given the aroma according to the Kollywood audience, the hero shows his romantic with his soulful, action gears up according towards the sequels and the mirthful mould up when something happens.

Story: As it is a Hindi version, there is no bracing sequence is being observed, the hero had an ambition to become as a rich guy in a short period for this plan the senior actor Prabhu Jai guides Shakti to execute his project. After a long elongated the audience realized that a gang of Prakash (Anandaraj), Ram (Ashutosh Rana), and Siva (Aathma Patrick), has the same intention.

The couple of men joins along with three people, now the five of them had executed to make money in a cunning way, they are planning to do ventures in the hope of winning, drug trafficking, and more concentrating with the illegal activities to tether a rich and superior in qualify life.

Once the guy Siva planning to move Kochi and scratch with a cop Kalyan (Sayaji Shinde), that they realized about a drag and everyone getting it a worthy of huge amount.

The clever hero getting love affair with Ramya that she locked up with a ruffian guy and her father’s inability made the lady struck up with the rowdy gang, with this now Shakti plans to steal on about the huge amount to safeguard his lover. By all these exhilaration, Shakti’s intelligence works out!!! with lots of eccentrics are merged.

Verdict: Watchable for one time.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Prashanth * Johnny/Shakt

Prabhu * Jai

Sanchita Shetty * Ramya

Anandaraj * Prakash

Ashutosh Rana * Ram

Sayaji Shinde * Kalyan

Aathma Patrick as Siva




Shankar Krishnamurthy





Directed by * Pa.Vetriselvan

Produced by * Thiagarajan

Written by * Thiagarajan

Music by * Ranjan Durairaj

Cinematography * M. V. Panneerselvam

Edited by * Shiva Saravanan

Production Company * Staar Movies

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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