Joker Movie Review

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joker-tamil-movieSynopsis: “Cuckoo” was a visually impaired couple’s true love story had given by director Raju Murugan, forthcoming film is “Joker” he kicked the present political status in the form of societal sarcasm. Raju Murugan’s fortitude had exposed and never harmonize with the dialogues, an aggressive old man dialogues are sparkling to every humanity. The film couldn’t key out any commercial content only carried a human opinions are bursting out, but the society created him as a Joker.

Story: In the place of Dharmapuri district Pappireddipatti is a town, a middle aged man takes the power in the hand, he calls him as a President, his attitudes and behaviors are peculiar to the society, a few samples are, in an old TVs champ fixes an umbrella, dressed up in an old safari suit and he used to sarcasm to upset his opponents. Even “Mannar Mannan” struggles for a wounded goat from a sand thievery culprit and one more petition to a correspondent in a school, a child Akila rescued from the bore well unfortunately, the child ignored by the government doctors. All these social causes pushes him to think in a different angle, as he assumed as a President, he climbed on top of tower declared the Military power in the society and Mannar Mannan try to kill the correspondence of the school, Mannar Mannan produced to the court, by his funny statement the judge orders the police to analysis his record.

Mannar Mannan was an incomplete History student and joins in a water company job. A proposal was rejected from a bride was the reason he had never constructed a toilet in his house. As all politics applied and eye wash amount given to the people, the money which is given to the public capable to buy only the basins. The higher authorities are forced into the place for visual the area to clean and choosing Mannar Mannan house for inaugurate the Implementing toilets in the rural areas. The Mannar Mannan place was rejected due the area constraints and toilet construction was stopped in the middle. A pregnant lady (Mannar Mannan’s wife) gets up in the midnight, she never minds of the heavy rain and getting into the unfinished toilet in the heavy rain, the wet toilet was demolished and a stone hit on her head, this leads to her for a coma stage and the baby died in the stomach. The Valli’s critical condition was hidden from the policemen, the reason is The Delhi Ministers and chief Minister inauguration ceremony has to end up with a great manner. Even Mannar Mannan applying a petition for mercy killing, to give happiness to his wife and petition rejected by the Supreme court. Finally, he was hit by a lorry and the fate of a common man’s life buried with all the truth.

Verdict: Politicians and politics are scarring to the society had been depicted with the recoiling dialogues.


Guru Somasundaram

Ramya Pandian * Maliga

Gayathri krishna


Bava Chelladurai


Directed * Raju Murugan

Produced * S. R. Prakashbabu
S. R. Prabhu

Written * Raju Murugan

Music * Sean Roldan

Cinematography * Chezhiyan

Edited * Shanmugam Velusamy

Production company * Dream Warrior Pictures

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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