July Kaatril Movie Review

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“July Kaatril” display about an existing love affair in civic, bumping from time to time.

Synopsis: “July Kaatril” a pleasant breeze moves on trio girls, nowadays upcoming directors concentrating on current generation perception about the life. In that category, the unveiling director KC Sundaram, who focused on a young guy’s love breeze out in the distinct angle his mind harmonious.

The hero Rajeev (Ananth Nag), love has been fluctuating on three girls and the three independent girls initial impossible to agree or deny him about his move from their life, they take it in a convincing way in the final scenarios. The film was produced by Saravanan Palaniappan, and the music had been composed by Joshua Sridhar.

Story: Rajeev faces three chapters in his life. In the first chapter, Shreya (Anju Kurian),  who had been falling in love with Rajeev in an uncontrolled manner, Rajeev was free guy who never bothered of his parents’ opinions and the guys decided to wedlock and they confirmed in front of their parents. This made them to lead into the engagement.

In his official products launched program, he met a beautiful aggressive girl Revathy (Samyuktha Menon), who was passionate  photographer and that he gets attention on Revathy. Now to end up with Shreya, Rajeev blasts out a reason, that he never feels out any sparkling towards Shreya and he end up his relationship with crazy girl Shreya. 

Rajeev is getting a relationship with Revathy and with the possessed nature, Rajeev was started to control Revathy and trust was undone within them. Now both of them break up each other.

With this disturb mind set, Rajeev decided to go for a Goa trip, there he is getting friendship with an independent surfing trainer and he realizes about his behaviour among the girls. Once he started to believe in the relationship and try to approach towards the girls but, they were moved out his life. 

The director has come out from the old climax. Yup!!! The three girls carried a new path for their betterment. The songs of Joshua Sridhar were seemly way and BGM was in possessing good quality. 

 Verdict: Fast-growing 

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Ananth Nag

Anju Kurian

Samyuktha Menon


Paloma Monnappa


Directed by * KC Sundaram

Produced by * Saravanan Palaniappan

Written by * KC Sundaram

Screenplay by * KC Sundaram

Music by * Joshua Sridhar

Cinematography * Demel Xavier Edwards

Edited by * Anucharan

Production Company * Kaviya Entertainments

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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