Jumbulingam 3D Movie Review

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jumbulingam-3dGenre: Comedy * treads up to the kids based level and even grabbed by the elders.

Synopsis: The magical scenarios stiffen to the script, the film had engaged in the Japan makes emblazoned, Ambuli Gokulnath appears as a magician and he does some tricky methods being an assist to his guru and the audiences are attracted by his performance. The child artist Hamsika is being portrayed as a dumb child and she is in the background vox to explain the situations.

Story: The film “Jumbulingam 3D” directed by the Hari and Haresh, concentrated on the young buds to pull their attention on this summertime. A mother eccentric was done by Sukanya and a classical dance teacher, her daughter Hamsika was kidnapped by a goons gang in the place of Japan, In India Gokulnath admired with a magical show and very much concerned in learning magic and he joins as an assistant. The troop was moving to the Japan to lead the show. Unfortunately the situation made Gokulnath to execute the show. A Dada was struck with Gokulnath’s show and making confirmation to do in his place, unluckily, Gokulnath and the heroine were missing in a place. Now the tricky guy Gokulnath protects the child from the goons, and even getting the appreciations from his master.

Verdict: A good entertaining drama for the children.



Ashwin Raja




Direction * Hari and Haresh


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