Junga Movie Review

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Genre: Comic * eliciting laughter, not deviated from the usual Tamil cinema concept.

Synopsis: The director has scooped out Tamil audience’s excite the curiosity by engaging with an assortment interesting risible sequels towards the tale. Certainty the director had dropped out the coherence in the first half of the film. Now a person, who had won over into a gangster, as he wasn’t stuff with money, later Junga actualizes that his ancestors were the gangsters.

The film “Junga” really expected with a thrust configuration of Vijay Sethupathi. The film sets up with a relationship with the father and grandfather. The young man’s sire lost their assets and the guy recover those things back is the storyline. The director framed “Junga” flick in a merriment way that the young man taking back of missed out theatre.

Story: In a portraiture of the gangster Junga, who is struggling to get back their property of the old cinema paradise theatre from a royal person. The fake Don Junga, who plays his forefather role and plan to get back their assets from the rich man. Unfortunately, his efforts were all break up.

Now, the fake guy plans to move toward Parris and decided to kidnap the richest person’s daughter (Yazhini), from this idea that he can seize his theatre and even Junga seeks help from Yogi Babu.

Before reaching there, Italy drug mafia gang of people who kidnap Yazhini, now Junga safeguard Yazhini from the mafia gang and thread with the rich man get back his cinema theatre. The balance story is fake Don bring back his belonging from the wealthy man.

Yogi Babu made hilarious sequels with Saranya Ponvannan and Vijay Sethupathi given sequence. In the Madonna Sebastian tale goes into the comical package at the same exigent smashes a few ‘Don’ stamps, boost towards Junga’s eccentric.

Verdict: soberness


Vijay Sethupathi * Junga

Sayyeshaa * Yazhini

Suresh Chandra Menon * Kumarasamy Chettiyar

Radha Ravi * Sopraj

Motta Rajendran * Durai Singam

Yogi Babu * Yo Yo, Junga’s assistant

Saranya Ponvannan as Junga’s mother

Neha Sharma

Syed * Senthil

Vinoth Munna * Manimaran

Shelva * Ali


Directed by * Gokul

Music by * Siddharth Vipin

Cinematography * Dudley

Edited by * V. J. Sabu Joseph


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