K 13 Movie Review

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“K 13” whodunit is being blocked from initial stratum made the delirious expectation extended in the climax.

Synopsis: “K 13” filled with a hallucinating consequence of scenes not manifest the sequels nor it has been worked for the intelligence climax beyond ordinary understanding. The debut director Barath Neelakantan dumped the scenes in a room till the intermission, which the audience needs some patience in the first half and even move like a snail made to tempt when will the guy move out from the room.

The script connects with a couple of writers their life filled with tragedies by this concept the director has smartly links out suspense without any fightings sequel, dreaming duet songs and emotional hasn’t supported in the script.  The artists Arulnithi and Shraddha Srinath holds the screenplay on their shoulders.  

In the Kollywood current trending is being horror drama, normally the directors would stuffs some comical elements to drag the audience. In this scenario thriller is the one more weapon to get success in front of the audience, which was used in this film. The flick “K 13” testing our patience with the slow phases.

Story: The struggling assistant director Mathiyalagan (Arulnithi), who had come out from the unconscious condition, he is tied up on a chair and getting stuck up by seeing the situation he was fixing up with shocked. In the same room a lady Malar (Shraddha Srinath) was cut off her wrist and the blood bleeds out like a stream, this situation made Mathiyalagan to agitate. 

The scene fluctuates among Mathiyalagan and Malarvizhi, how they were interlinked. Both the writers face the hard situation in their lifetime, Malarvizhi’s writing pushes her in the tough times and she gives life for 10 years struggling Mathiyalagan’s dream to be fulfilled by her story. 

The title “K 13“ indicate about a woman’s dead body suspect in the flat. The drama based on the writers, which Malarvizhi writings created pathetic tragedy in her friend’s life and in her own life, the screenplay doesn’t hold towards investigation or any other cops inquiries  focused on Malarvizhi death as full fledged. 

Arulnithi chose for the decent scripts to get success in the films, “K 13” he had tried in a new concept in his career, the actress Shraddha Srinath has proven out the best performance in the film “K 13“, Yogi Babu have not used him properly that his upcoming renown stuffed him for a sequence.   

Verdict: thrilled drama 

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Arulnithi * Madhiazhagan

Shraddha Srinath * Malarvizhi

Yogi Babu

‘Eruma Saani’ Vijay


Directed by * Barath Neelakantan

Produced by * ST Shankar

Santha Priya

Written by * Barath Neelakantan

Story by * Barath Neelakantan

Music by * Sam C. S.

Cinematography * Aravind singh

Edited by * Ruben

Production Company * SP Cinemas

PRO * Suresh chandra and Rekha D’One.

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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