Kaaka Muttai (The Crow’s egg) Movie Review

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Emotion * were screwing with the couple of children in their acting, fixed in their self-respect in the crucial areas.
Feat * has been aggregate the nature of the two boys in their acting, in every sequence.
Title * is a pertinent, the slum people survive were overcrowded in the miniature house. In nest like portions of the house was the two bud struggling boys’ life.

Outline: The movie intense on slum group and structure their fraught in the cities.

Story: Kaaka Muttai is written, directed and filmed by M. Manikandan, The film is in teamwork produced by Dhanush and Vetrimaran, and the film music was composed by G. V. Prakash. The movie makes eager and enthusiastic worldwide not only Tamil audience; it will start to spread across the world. The movie was constructed in the slum area. Where the two boys stay with their mother and grandmother keeps in her eye contact, and the father has been a prison. The performers in the Kaakai Muttai team involved in the natural look in their manifestation, by showing them with grubby and shabby appearance. The family runs under shortage for their day to day life. The children haven’t shown any hesitation in the scene by intake crow’s egg. In the each sequence children found by calling them in the name of Kaaka Muttai of their own. With the entire cool miscellaneous of comedy they expose the elder one has “Periya Kaaka Muttai” and the young one says his name as “Chinna Kaaka Muttai”.

The director describes the film, slum children like to adopt the western civilization, in the Indian cities. In the movie some part of the sequence has been pictured in the Chennai’s center place of Saidapet, with all giant shops and buildings in the core slum people are living. Periya and Chinna Kaaka Muttai are unexpected in the arrival of Simbu’s launch the Pizza spot and they were charmed eating Pizza. Without blemish their self-respect by stealing or cheating others, they started to earn by accumulating coal and make money for ordering pizza. The movie has been visualized and the artists speak in the archetypal Tamil Madras slum language, which makes the audience feel the natural environment. Both the Periya and Chinna Kaaka Muttai putting their efforts in making huge amount of money, and with that money did they get satisfy or they loved their grandmother’s preparation.

The Kaaka Muttai film is going to see ample on screen release in the theatres of world markets such as Japan & South Korea. G. V. Prakash music devises strength to the songs. In the 62nd National Film Awards, Dhanush’s Muttai wins the Best Children’s film, and Best Child Actor award.

Verdict: The movie will achieve the best for the team work and acquire immense success.

Artists: Ramesh * Vignesh
Director * M. Manikandan, Producer * Sathish V Vetrimaaran, Written by * Manikandan
Music by * G. V. Prakash Kumar, Cinematography * Manikandan, Edited by * Kishore Te
Production company * Wunderbar Films Grass Root Film Company, Distributed by * Ace Studios
Minutes * 109


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