Kaala Movie Review

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Genre: Assortment in one * geniality had occurred in each sequel and prodigious whizz of heroic courage when the superstar facing the danger, the narration of the film proceed with delirious and sentimental.

Synopsis: The tale revolves among a mobster Kaala Karikaalan, a vast place in Mumbai Dharavi was covered by slum people. The groovy humane man Kaala, who scramble vigorously for their optimism. The film mostly captured in the place of Mumbai, the sequels recalls the years ago flick of “Nayagan”. After entering into the political field, Rajinikanth’s fans would be having more expectations, even though there was conflict in the Thoothukudi issue.

In the “Kaala” film Rajinikanth’s outlook and his dialogues were dragging the audience. As his previous screenplay “Kabali” depicted in the place of Malaysia and “Kaala” totally seized in Dharavi and mostly Mumbai was prevailed throughout the story. The film “Kaala” tracks on action, it was scripted and directed by Pa. Ranjith. The multi explorer Dhanush has been produced the movie in the banner keyed out of Wunderbar Films.

The director focused on caste people and it was stretched forth, that gangster avenge the monstrosity. The director opens his excellence in the trendy conception with animation and arduous exposed his ineffectiveness in the climax. The emotion sequels kicking with the traditional story.

Story: Tamilnadu people who travel to Mumbai for their survival, Dharavi place receives them and endure for their penuries. The groovy man Vengaiyan and his son Kaala protects them in each situation, now a brutal man Nana Patekar is planning to occupy the slum area and wanted to keep under his control to construct the sophisticated buildings.

The slum people who were safeguard by Vengaiyan. In the inflict circumstance, Nana Patekar hit with great force and Vengaiyan loses his life and even keeps firing on downtrodden people’s area. With all murkiness frames Kaala started to revenging the villain and how he protects Dharavi is full fledged lengthy screenplay is given by the director.

Get-go mashed up with all sorts of emotions. As Rajinikanth is a massive hero, with that eagerness, who have been stepping into the theatres, Pa. Ranjith had screwed up with more exaggeration. The lengthy screenplay tracks out in all directions, which made exhaustion. He has targets only the audience with commercial-grade, rather than bothering by frame by frame.

The aggregate of past events, which interrogation, many knots on Rajinikanth’s political entry, which is overlapped. The film contains as a political preaching before entering politics and the director stuffed all the consequences happened to Tamilnadu.

Nana Patekar, who had come in positive appearance and does the interdict activities to others that shows his excellent output, Rajinikanth as usual all the Masala flavour flickers on visualizes,
Sreekar Prasad editing is not in short and sweet, Santhosh Narayanan’s music somehow supports the film. The cinematography of the film was really grabbing the place of the slum.

Verdict: “Nayagan – 2” in a new version


Rajinikanth *Karikaalan (Kaala)

Nana Patekar * Haridev Abhayankar

Samuthirakani * Vaaliyappan


Eswari Rao * Selvi

Huma Qureshi * Zareena

Anjali Patil * Puyal Charumathi Gaekwad


Aravind Akash * Shivaji Rao Gaekwad

Sayaji Shinde

Sampath Raj

Ravi Kale

Pankaj Tripathi

Yatin Karyekar

Sakshi Agarwal


Directed by * Pa. Ranjith

Produced by * Dhanush

Music by * Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography * Murali G

Edited by * Sreekar Prasad

Production Company * Wunderbar Films

Distributed by * Lyca Productions

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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