Kaalakkoothu Movie Review

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Genre: Amorous * pitched towards the displaying love and conflate with the action. 

Synopsis: The director Nagarajan handles effectively “Kaalakkoothu” flicks with the concept of friendship. The four guys Prasanna, Kalaiyarasan, Dhansika and Srushti Dange made the movie in a prevailing way. The film grabs the village contravene that dragged out of many mix-ups. The screenplay, which was bumpy in the place of Madurai and the situation take avenge for a perceived wrong thing was happening and it was concluded with destruction.

Story: The story engaged with the adolescence life of Prasanna and Kalaiyarasan, both have been friends since their childhood. From the childhood Prasanna was losing his parents and that gives him to distressed, by seeing Kalaiyarasan that even he lost his parents, which made piteous about him. This constructed their relationship on strong as the friends, both the guys getting affair with Dhansika and Srishti Dange. The miserable guy Prasanna, who keeps loving on Dhansika and Kalaiyarasan loved with Srishti, now in this circumstance, they face the consequences in their life. As the sequences move towards many tragedies and at the end both their love life gets successful or not is the balance script. 

The actor Prasanna, who had given successful movies, now he is the getting gradual screenplay. The artists Kalaiyarasan, Dhansika and Srishti given meek performance in their portions. The music was composed by Justin Prabhakaran and the songs are the whizz of hearing. Overall, the director given an adept wrench in the climax. 

Verdict: Tone down concept.





Srushti Dange


Directed by * M. Nagarajan

Written by * M. Nagarajan

Music by * Justin Prabhakaran

Cinematography * P. V. Shankar

Edited by * Selva RK

Production Company * Madurai Sri kallalagar Entertainment

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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