Kaali Movie Review

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Genre: Conjectural drama * used tact people in the script and it was dealing with sensitive matters.

Synopsis: Vijay Antony has identified the success formula after the movie “Pichaikkaran” that never work out in all situations. For hyper the audience a small boy was getting the dreams frequently a snake that expands the skin of the neck and a cow chase towards the boy and a lady was getting hit by the cow. Only the initial sequel was given thrilled experience to the audience and rest of content don’t compare with his erstwhile films.

Usually most of the films, the heroes will go into identifying the missed out mothers without any evidence. In this script, Bharath alias Kaali searches his father. Too many female eccentrics are followed up, as the content required those heroines. Unnecessarily Anjali was pushed in the screenplay. As it is a Kollywood movie that hero compulsory need a heroine it seems. Unfortunately, in that stuffed Anjali and Bharath doesn’t have any romantic sequels or songs.

Story: The film exaggerated to the eccentric, Bharath (Vijay Anthony) who is a prominent doctor in the USA and he is a specialist in Cardiology, Bharath and his father run a own hospital in the US, by his busy schedule Bharath was getting a haunt dreams, as he is the US citizen and he was frequently visualize a dream, in an interior rural area, there was a young child and the cow which made to run up towards the child and it was frightened by the way a snake is accusing down on the land. Now a mother chases in the direction of her child to protect the baby, this dream disturbs a lot for the doctor.

Bharath, who expresses his feelings to the parents and they reveal the bewilder whorls around him, that they took him from the orphanage. By this shocking and even to come out of dream puzzle, Bharath moves to India to find out his Biological parents. Once he reaches Chennai till the end of the film, Bharath finds out his parents and realizes their situations.

As observed Vijay Antony chooses many eccentrics in the film and the man himself appears in all characters. He trusted with the adventure story, unluckily only in the opening the thriller could observe balance scripts was not interesting. In the first half flashback is garbage and to the extension of the film it was stuffed and in the second half flashback somehow matches the climax. Vijay Antony never gives expression in all his movies, luckily his strong script protected him. But in the film “Kaali” there was not such a strong story. The artist Anjali is extra fitting for the film.

Verdict: Entertainment with derangement.


Vijay Antony * Bharath and Kaali

Anjali * Vaali


Amritha Aiyer * Thenmozhi

Shilpa Manjunath

Rakesh Prudhvi K


Vela Ramamoorthy


RK Suresh


Yogi Babu

Madhusudhan Rao


Directed by * Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Produced by * Fatima Vijay Antony

Written by * Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Music by * Vijay Antony

Cinematography * Richard M. Nathan

Edited by * Lawrence Kishore

Production Company * Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Distributed by * Red Gaint Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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