Kaathadi Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * waggish behavioural of hero and with his friend holds the attention of the viewers.


In the direction of Kalyaan, the titled “Kaathadi” baseline about a small girl who lose her mother. The actress Sai Dhansika movies are related to same flavour, her erstwhile film resemble slightly. A couple of guys, who were unworried and they are joining with Sai Dhansika for kidnapping a small girl. The artists Avishek Karthik and Sai Dhanshika lead in the vital role, the other actors John Vijay, Samapth Raj and Kota Srinivasa Rao support towards the movie. The songs were composed by the unveiling people Pavan and Deepan. The film deals with the old formula, nothing seen any update screenplay.

Story: The hombres Sakthi and Thuppakki both were derisory in nature and they decided to kidnap a child and with the funny way plan to demand for the money. A child, who was travelling with Sampath in a car, the guys were kidnapped her, Sampath started to chase them to rescue the child.

But both of them are getting locked in, with a cop Sai Dhanshika. Now here is the twist, Sai Dhanshika is a fraud lady and she is also planning to kidnap the child. With old flashback and there is a misfortune happened in the child’s life and they kidnappers how protect the baby from the perturb is the movie “Kaathadi”

Karthick was unveiled in the film and proven his acting by innocuous performances. Sampath and Kaali Venkat fortify for the movie. The film is not much elongated and not get drilled in the second half even though it is an old concept.

Verdict: Worth watching


Avishek Karthik * Sakthi

Sai Dhanshika

Daniel Annie Pope * Thuppakki


Kaali Venkat

John Vijay

Sampath Raj


Directed by * Kalyaan

Cinematography * Jemin Jom Ayyanet

Edited by * Vijay Velukutty

Production Company * Galaxy Pictures


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