Kaaval Movie Review

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A linchpin killer (Karuna) is a gang leader and supporter for the crooks in the major places Tamilnadu. The killer Karuna motto is to make money and he lends a hand, politicians and police with this influence Karuna control the poor people too. Vimal plays as a policeman’s son and he is an informant and ally for the Karuna. In chance Vimal ephemeral information, Karuna is going to kill by an encounter specialist Samuthirakani. A tremendous twist was followed at the end of the movie, Vimal was forced by killing Karuna.

An encounter expert Chandrasekar (Samuthirakani) was assigned for the operation to wipe out the felon and he was deployed a set of team for the operation. Chandrasekar puny with his plan and his operation were not succeeding. In the second step, Vimal was passing information and made Karuna to escape. With the frustration, the team now had strong planning and attack the gang leader. But with an immense coil Karuna’s brother was killed by the encounters.

In the second half, Karuna misconstrues that Vimal and his friends were supported to the police group to murder Karuna’s brother. A group of people runs away to Ooty. In some point, Karuna had been recognizing the place of Vimal and his friends. Watch out the movie Samuthirakani final attempt was succeeded by Vimal’s hand.

Sumuthirakani lengthy dialogue is powerful to assail to the police department and he is very conscious on social evils “Buthanin Sirippu” and exist film “Kaaval”. Vimal performs usual in his lethargically with his behavior and failing in love and helping for his lover.

Expressive on societal awareness……..

Vimal * Samuthirakani * Geetha * Deva * Barbie Handa * MS Bhaskar * ImanAnnachi * NamoNarayana * Singamuthu

Direction * Nagendran
Cinematography * NK Emambaram
Music * Na Muthukumar, Snehan, LalithaAnand, PuratchiKanal
Background Music * Tharan Kumar
Art Director * Videsh
Stunt Master * Silva
Costumer * Rangasamy
Costume Designer * Sangeetha
Stills * Mahohar
Choreography * Rajusundaram, Kalyan, Dinesh, and Bobby
Pro * Nikkil
Produced by SG Films Pvt Ltd.


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