Kabilavasthu Movie Review

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The life of platform people, their status of a citizen with rights and duties, which is being abused in the society, oppressed by the people in power.

Synopsis: The orphans humans survive on the road side and the clean nation awareness program conducted on a big screen with out of documentary level for hitting the commercial stratum. The bud girl Ishwarya holds up Buddha’s depiction on the wall and even the director Nesam Murali envisioned Shirdi temple what he connects with the couple of saints. Anyways, the dialogues overlapping the scene, the urge ladies would have dropped  their babies in the temple instead of leaving them in the garbage and public toilets.

“Kabilavasthu” emphasizing things as perceived as a distortion of personal feelings, out of the fictional matter. The content carried by the director and actor Nesam Murali, to show the realistic and the hero who was born in the toilet area, the film captured only in those portions. The music was composed by Srikanth Deva and the child artist supports the story.

Story: Meera Krishna worried about her missed out baby, which was coming out in this world in an illicit way. After 30 years later Meera Krishna, who sat inside a public toilet and cried out loudly for missing him. Now the story travels through the up and down of the platforms inhabitants of struggling, which has been cleared out.

Even though, they wanted to lead a decent life the societies and the authorities  swallowing them, the director focused on strong feelings that they are not accepted as the nation’s citizens. Anyhow realistic made stimulates of abnormal sensitivity.

Baby Ishwarya eagerness and target 1000 rupees to live in a her own rental house and for that she was taking steps and going for the water business really instinctive, Nesam Murali, outlook and dialogues perceived. 

The songs made a fine-tune by the lyrics, the film is depicted in an aggregate manner of street person’s lives which in a particular place.

Verdict: “Kabilavasthu” – solution?

Rating : 1 / 5


Baby Ishwarya * Velankanni


Nesam Murali * Murugan


Director, Writer, Screenplay and Dialogue  Writer * Nesam Murali

Music by *  Srikanth Deva

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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