Kadhal Mattum Vena Movie Review

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“Kadhal Mattum Vena” a firm feeling, bouncing up and down with the script.

Synopsis: The director Sam Khan, who played in a duple eccentric, the bud out director concerned with a distinct dramatic, the content speaks out the emotion of a young man, Sam Khan keens on direction portion, acted in the hero character and even concentrate on the editing at the same instant screenplay.

The title “Kadhal Mattum Vena” ultimate source exception out of love. But throughout the film, the hero urge in search of love, he was approaching towards his parents and in second half exhorted for a call girl, sure the audience grips out their patience with the storyline.

Story: In the opening, a gang rape knocking the audience. The young girl Jyoti Singh Pandey, who was gang raped, when she was travelling in a private bus with her friend. With this followed, Sam Khan leads a happy life with his friend. At a point, Sam Khan demands his parents that he had completed 23 years request them to arrange for the marriage.

Unfortunately, the guy’s parents’ not shows interest. At this stage, Sam Khan meet up a gorgeous lady both of them gets love affair with each other. Later on Sam Khan was faded up that his lover getting disappeared, Sam Khan steps into a police station and complain about his lover’s vanished.

The cop explains to him that she was raped by a gang and killed before six months. In the whole extent, second half carries that Sam Khan was searching for a prostitute lady and climax made puzzled.

Verdict: anxiousness resulting couldn’t predictable.

Rating: 1 / 5


Sam Khan


Divyanganaa Jain

Hamida Khatoon


Directed by * Sam Khan

Music by * Santhan Anebajagan

Cinematography * JSK

Editing * Sam Khan

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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