Kadikara Manithargal Movie Review

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Emote of family * gives a reflection of common people’s emotion, in a stage of the movie.

Synopsis: The flick contains about a hapless man’s life battle in a rental house and the house owner keeps up with brutal on the poor man. The film dragged on city life and the director Vaigarai Balan makes an absolved vision and who is dazzlingly skilled in any field, he scores on the misfortune, souring “Kadikara Manithargal” keen on a pretty slump film.

Story: A wretched man Kishore, who has been coming from a rural area for his survival, that he was joining a bakery shop, Kishore and his wife have three children.

The family man, often moves from one place another by the house owners agonies, by this tough situation, Kishore searches for a house and being five members all the owners not allowing to stay for a long day, Kishore places all his things and family members in a vehicle and travels towards the road side of a house.

By his big family, no one is willing to give a house to him, for this sturdy condition, Kishore stuff his last child in a box, by this struggling how Kishore leads his life in the city. The story moves in obtuse phases.

The director made tolerance that shows his eccentrics with full sizable, The film is dragged towards the top edge emote, It frame that the director had shown the vicious circle of landowners.

Verdict: A miserable family man’s life movement in the vigorous way, tedious family.


Kishore Kumar


Sherin Pulakkal


Directed by * Vaigarai Balan

Music by * Sam CS

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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