Kailaa Movie Review

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Horrendous narrative, in the act of performance neutering something to stimulate wonder.

The director Bhaskar Srinivasan trial out the erstwhile concept in a voguish manner, the actress Thana Naidu plays as a dynamisms writer in the film, which she made her to step up to write a distinctive writing and decided to research on any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible even audible to human beings. The young and energetic lady target on a devil bungalow and she realized the typical way of experiences in the house.

The film moves to an aggregate circumstance that accompanies and influences, some of the action happens on instead, which a trio death of people had been observed in a bungalow. As usual in a filmy way the minutes have been stretched by examining how the continues death occurred by the cops and some of horrific scenes is being squeezed out.

As in the investigations the police mind analysis the deaths were happening in an unexpected way and by the public side people felt all happened by the evil supernatural being. The last week in the performance of Bharath ” Kaalidas”, this week “Kailaa”. Basically, Tamil cinema baseline always moves in the parallel manner and some sequences depends on the narration. To the every peculiar death and horrific circumstances, there will be a pathetic flashback would be stuffed in the Kollywood film, which the audience can observe in the climax.

Bhaskar Srinivasan worked out both in the acting portions and in the direction part absolutely made a good attempt, the debut actress Thana Naidu shows her aggressive performance, the music composer Shravan tuned the audience by his desperate sound.

Verdict: This week’s horror content.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Thana Naidu

Bhaskar Srinivasan

Baby Kailaa





Directed by * Bhaskar Srinivasan

Music by Shravan

Cinematography * Bharani Selvam

Editing * Ashok

PRO * Mounam Ravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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