Kalari Movie Review

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Genre: Sentimental * the tenderness of an irrefutable feeling or emotion. An unsecure experiencing with the relationship.

Synopsis: The hero has an awe of being caught alone in some public place in this unstable situation the guy who moulding himself to revenge is the baseline. The flick expresses the relationship of brother’s and sister relationship. Normally, most of the films explicit the beautiful bondage of brother’s and sister, here the picture is all about an affectionate brother, who is worried about an arrogant father’s behaviour and tried to give a good life for his sister.

Story: In the place of Kerala, the movie has been captured, our destitute hero Krishna, who is tolerating with an alcoholic father, in this circumstance, from the childhood the weakened boy holding the fear along with him, once he grew older, the fear is also developed along with him.

After a period, Krishna takes the responsibility of his family and the drunken father haven’t taken any steps towards his sister’s life and try to collapse the marriage proposal.

Now, the innocent brother, go to the hopeless situation, which was a tough time to get the best proposal for Thenmozhi, by having crucial relevance, Murugasan sister Thenmozhi getting affair with Anwar Vishnu. As usual, Thenmozhi’s father is being insulted Anwar.

One more tragedy in Thenmozhi’s life that was a sophisticated man getting attractions on Thenmozhi and planning put the drunken father in his hand. Of all these confusions, how the innocent brother arranging a good life for Thenmozhi is the balance script.

A repeat formula which is not getting attention more, If it is sentimental screenplay, already seen brother’s sister sentiment from the black and period.

Verdict: Very hard to drag the attention of the audience as to cause mental fatigue.

2 / 5



Vidya Pradeep

Samyuktha Menon

M. S. Bhaskar



Krishana rajandran 


Directed by * Kiran Chand

Produced by * Senith Keloth 

Composed by V. V. Prasanna

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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