Kalathur Gramam Movie Review

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Genre: Emotional drama * of a village

Synopsis: The film “Kalathur Gramam” is a typical rural based script, in the movie Kishore Jayaram and Yagna Shetty played a vital role. The picture explains about the what is happening in a small town which was named as the Kalathur Gramam and it is situated in the place of Pattukottai. In the opening, In a small village there was a drawback is observed by the government. After the sequels, the flick tracks towards Kishore, who is a guy controls the people and even he robbed the things and money for their survival and all these sequences what are the changes happened to Kishore’s life is the tale. The artists Tarun Shatriya, Ajay Rathnam, Ranjini Mahadevaiah, Sulile Kumar are supporting the movie.

Story: The film released after a long struggling, it explores about a life of the man who lives in the rural place. In a village Kishore was a leader for community people and they use to take an advantageous by rob out the money and the village people never allow police into their village. An investigation starts with Kishore and his life gets upside down, Kishore and his friend who controls the Kalathur Gramam. In a situation, Kishore goes for at his friend’s marriage proposal, on the journey an old man who seeks help to Kishore, that his grandchild was held with a problem and decided to help the old man and follow him to safeguard the girl, so Kishore sends his friend to the proposal spot and he explains to his friend that he will join later, but Kishore never turns up and Kishore who gives life to that orphan girl. Now in the critical condition, cops started to catch up Kishore, So the guy sends his wife along with the friend’s custody. Once both enter into the village, unfortunately the village people keep a wrong opinion while both come together and they started to believe these two people are husband and wife, even Kishore’s son misunderstood on their parents and keeps revenge on them. With all these circumstances, how Kishore life end up, and what happens to the village people is the final twist of the movie.

The debut director Saran had given a graceful village oriented film and he had balanced the script towards the audiences. The backbone of the movie was Kishore’s performance. The music was composed by Ilayaraja and his music gives soul towards the film.

Verdict: Entertainment



Yagna Shetty

Tarun Shatriya

Ajay Rathnam

Rajini Mahadevaiah


Directed by * Saran

Produced by *Avudaithai Ramamoorthy

Music by * Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography * Pushparaj Santhosh

Edited by * Suresh Urs

Production company * A.R. Movie Paradise

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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