Kalavani Mappillai Movie Review

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Need to be tolerant, showing lack of attention incompetence, the flick constraints our mental and physical abilities. 

Synopsis: The title “Kalavani Mappillai” indicates, that our hero might be doing full fledged fraudulent activities to get married with a gorgeous lady. There is no such strong deceitful sequels projected on screen. First of all the hero doesn’t know how to drive a motorcycle, then how he will drive a car. Now the tragedy follows up him in the characters of Villangam and Rajendran both of planning to stop the marriage between Deva and Thulasi. 

The unveiling director exposes “Kalavani Mappillai” as a comedy content, that much weight age is missing from the start, till the climax. In the opening, the background voice narrator explicitly about childhood revenges between Villangam and Deva is certain to fail in the storyline. The flick moves in a without energy  stratum, that the audience would feel uncomfortable and it is too hard for holding on the seat. 

Story: Once the background explains about, that our hero’s mother Renuka checks the young boy’s horoscope by showing  with the astrologist predict Deva shouldn’t drive any vehicles, if he tries in any cost there is no guarantee for his life. 

Once Deva grew up, the fellow tried to practice a bike with the help of his friend. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it in a proper way. In that situation, beautiful lady rides a bike and in that first sight both of them falls in love. 

Now the twist to the story is that the director project Devayani as an honest woman, if anybody cheat her, she would be taking a serious action against them. In that case, the affected person is Anandaraj that he never knew to drive a car, that she believes her husband cheated her and she entirely dominated him.

Again, our silly hero tries to impress his mother-in-law, dragging out an old Padmini car of Rajendran. Deva, by accidentally hitting on an awful lady of  Devayani’s car. By all these collapsed, how our innocent hero getting married to atrocious mother-in-law Devayani’s daughter is balance story.

Dinesh’s performance is like to be casual there is no strong output in his acting, Devayani and Anandaraj both were supporting towards the film. The songs are not much catchy. 

Verdict: Stealing our patience.

Rating: 1.5 / 5


Dinesh * Deva

Adhiti Menon * Thulasi






Ramdoss * Villangam


Directed * Gandhi Manivasagam

Produced by * Rajeshwari Manivasagam ₣

Gandhi Manivasagam

Music by * N. R. Raghunathan

Cinematography * Saravanan Abimanyu

Edited by * PK

Production Company * Rajapushpa Pictures

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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