Kallattam Movie Review

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KallattamGenre * emotional game

Synopsis: The three portrayals of male parent has the affection for their children, Mahendran as Richard, who is an unemployed guy is being conscious of fulfill her daughter’s dreams, Thamizh as Nandha, missed his daughter by the circumstantially accident and Ezhumalai is a criminal has a child, keeps the whole heart with his daughter. As the money plays a vital role in Mahendren’s life, police inspector Thamizh was suspected by the corruption and he is being locked up by the money and the crook Ezhumalai chase towards money by doing illicit business and film exposing by the game of foul game.

Story: The word Kallattam force to uttered to get an interesting thriller script, esteemed on the script is being collapsed by the lethargic moves in the every sequel. An idle guy Mahendren taking his daughter on the road side, unluckily baby met with an accident, once he rushed to the hospital doctor explains the surgery value of Rs 20 lakh, Rithvika’s parents were pledged their valuable things towards a person of money lender, and the culprit following Mahendren, the amount was stolen and the hapless father approaches the police station, where the Thamizh and
Pazhani started to investigate the looting perpetrators. Unfortunately, Thamizh was arrested by the investigation department, find out the game by watching the movie on big screen, what is the reason to arrest Thamizh and what is the game between Ezhumalai and with the inspector Thamizh.

The Nandha’s role is very stiff, as the inspector eccentric should have energy, was missed out in his face and in the performance, Ilavarasu character boosting up both in the script and for the Nandha, overall artists have not worked out.

Verdict: kallattam – wants to search the game!!!


Nandha * Thamizh

Richard * Mahendran


Ilavarasu * Pazhani

Usha Shree

Baby Rethva Isvar


Kumar Natarajan


Directed * G. Rajesh

Produced * G. Soundian
R. Prakash
G. Suman

Music * Umar Ezhilan

Cinematography * G. Rajesh

Edited * V. T. Vijayan, S. R. Ganesh Babu

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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