Kanaa Movie Review

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A dreamy film towards the destination, it is in the banner of ‘SK Productions’, the content based on the full fledged sport drama. 

Synopsis: It resembles “Ethir Neechal”, in Tamil industry, many of the films have been forced on sports, “Kanaa” made recalls of  “Ethir Neechal” that a rural based girl, who struggle to overcome in the sport but couldn’t make out. In the “Kanna” a woman dream is coming out true. 

“Kanna” focused on women’s cricket, that a village girl corners by her mother and by the village people, a small girl Kausi’s stargaze to turn as a cricket player that she wanted to carry out his father’s dream.

In the direction of Arunraja Kamaraj the artists Sathyaraj and Aishwarya Rajesh play a lively role, the dual work done by Sivakarthikeyan that he focused on the production area and acted as a motivator for the young girls.

The year 2009 film “Peranmai” sparkling, a trainer who gets insulted initially as the same Sivakarthikeyan is being insulted then he was recognized later. 

Story: The film concentrates with a village girl Kousi  (Aishwarya Rajesh), that her father Murgesan’s (Sathyaraj), watching cricket is the passion for him, Kousi is always watching the cricket on the face of her father’s smile.

In the Murgesan’s father death ceremony, the man watches the match on television whenever he gets time that made the girl to inspired by watching the matches and  even India loses the match her father shed the tears by seeing all these scenarios Kousi shows her interested to play cricket and makes her father to be proud of her and wanted to see the smiling on her father’s face. 

Kousalya’s mother against towards her passion and when she reaches the teenage the village people opposed to playing cricket when she play with men. This situation made upside down, that Kousalya’s parents give their full support to her ambition.

Now, Kousalya moves towards Chennai for the further steps. Simultaneously, Murugesan faces the consequence in the agriculture and loan people pressures him to pay the amount regularly.

Unfortunately, the village faces more shortage of rainfall and there was no proper income for Murugesan. In this critical circumstance, both the Murugesan and his daughter how they come out of all tough situations is the remaining story of “Kanaa”.

The film “Kanaa” is not only for the women’s identity, it is also concentrated on farmers current scenarios and 

Verdict: Old Dream –  good

Rating: 3 / 5


Sathyaraj * Murugesan

Aishwarya Rajesh *  Kausalya

Sivakarthikeyan * Nelson Dhilipkumar

Darshan * Murali Krishna

Blade Shankar




Savari Muthu

Antony Bhagyaraj


Fathima Samreen


Directed by * Arunraja Kamaraj

Produced by * Sivakarthikeyan

Written by * Arunraja Kamaraj

Music by * Dhibu Ninan Thomas

Cinematography * Dinesh Krishnan

Edited by * Ruben

Production Company * Sivakarthikeyan Productions

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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