Kanavu Variyam Movie Review

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Kanavu VariyamGenre: Informant * was given with efficaciously by the director, blanked out to track the film in commercial-grade.

Synopsis: The director Arun Chidambaram plays a leading role, from his childhood had an attitude of the questionnaire to the elder about the electronics how it’s working and at a point, his whole heart pursuit in the practice of science and determines to facilitate his village,

Story: Before the title and at the ending of the film, Arun Chidambaram had been portrayed on the screen by showing the various International fete champetre, the film sets with two messages about on natural methods of farming and even the profit leads a better survival for the farmers, next is a village guy shows interest in helping for his village people.

By projecting the title, invented years are seen on screen, Ezhil observes by the surroundings that the experiences keep intellectual and keeps full stop from the school decided to work, parallel to this, Yog Japee who works in a MNC and he was upgraded to a next level, he satisfied with pleasant atmosphere and even by leaving his sophisticated job and returns to his hometown and he has happy to be a farmer. In the initial level, he gets failure of his efforts, in a certain time understands the methods of organic process and gets success. The village people against to the Ezhil project and they says that he is a mad guy, watch out the film what was his inventory of upgrading and how he struggles to get a position in his scientific experiments.

Arun Chidambaram sure to valued for giving an informative film, the movie runs at a slow pace, on some level the viewers lose their patience.

Verdict * Dreams never fail, need forbearance to watch the film.


Arun Chidambaram * Ezhil

Jiya Shankar * Veena

Ilavarasu * Appa

Senthil Kumari * Amman

Black Pandi * Sakkarai

Gnanasambandan * Gnanasambandan

Yog Japee

T. P. Gajendran

Lollu Sabha Easter


Directed * Arun Chidambaram

Produced * Dr. A. Chidambaram
Karthik Chidambaram

Music * Shyam Benjamin

Cinematography * S. Selvakumar

Edited * Gaugin

Production company * DCKAP Cinemas

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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