Kangaroo Movie Review

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Kangaroo Movie
Kangaroo Movie

Genre: Overflow attachment, ghastly sentiment makes bitterness


The relationship between a brother and the sister, in his childhood Murugesan shows a tremendous affection for his sister (Azhagu). This attitude made a change in Murugesan behavior and his life gets missed out and his sister’s life converts in terrible.

Azhagu is an only sister for Murugesan (Arjuna) and he is a violent guy who lives his life by own set of laws and will not listen to anyone. Expect his sister Azhagu (Sri Priyanka). Murugesan’s love and affection for his sister Azhagu make everybody around him call his Kangaroo, but Murugesan gets annoyed when called by this name. Kalabhavan Mani has an eye on Azhugu and wants to attain her at any cost. Azhagu’s friend Varsha Ashwathi has an eye on Murugesan, but he never shows any interested in her. Azhagu falls in love with a guy and just as everything gets set for their marriage, the guys started to murder. Some mishap or the other happens to any guy who Azhagu is reportedly bound to get married. Who is causing these issues? What is the secret about his relationship with Azhagu, What will happen to an exquisite brother-sister attachment? Watch on the big screen to know…

V House Productions release Kangaroo

Starring *

Arjuna * Murugesan
Priyanka, Varsha Ashwathi
Editing * Mani
Raja Rathinam * Cinematography


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