Karaiyoram Movie Review

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karaiyoramGenre: Shuddered * makes the scenes more interesting, and sticks with the viewers to drag into the curiosity, what happens in the next scenes.

Outline: The multi language of Kanada, and Telugu in the different titles, the Tamil title “Kariyoram” movie pictured in the seashore house, the leading role was done by Nikesha Patel (Priya) a loving sister to her younger and elder child to her father (Radha Ravi), he is a richest person, and a normal father of the grown up children. The movie tracks with the female artists, the entire film has been overshadowed by the Priya character.

Story: In the JKS direction a thriller set up of gimmick follows at the end of the film. ‘Kariyoram’ in the opening, a car was traveling towards a beach house and the heroine Priya was leading a lonely life, and her friend (Ramya) was a backbone of Priya’s upset life, by her guidance and support were Priya truth her friendship. In this situation, pretty with a mixture of innocuous girl Priya is getting attraction on John, a few days later they were aware of John was suicide a decade. This was shocking to the heroine, and was depressed by psychic disorder. Ticker an unexpected twist on John character, and the way Priya forced to get mental depression. Final the reasons behind her sister’s death and pinky’s death. Check out the culprit of mastermind with an exhilaration.

Nikesha Patel glamour fit according to the character. The first half of the movie was little drowsy and the climax horrific fight by Simran entry was cinematic and her flash back too. The guest role of Simran was back to her beauty look. M. S. Baskar and Manobala extra fitting for the comedy purpose.

Verdict: An interesting shivered film, first half drags to the sluggish has been even out and tempo levels in the second half.


Nikesha Patel * Priya

Iniya * Ramya

Vasistha * John

Arun * Arun

Ganesh Prasad


M. S. Bhaskar





Directed by JKS

Music * Sujith Shetty

Cinematography * Jai Anand

Production company * RJ Combainess


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