Kargil Movie Review

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Genre: A love journey * not a war, just the conversations between the guy and with his crush, even more with guy’s belonging people.

Synopsis: The debut director Sivaani Senthil focuses the film in one man army show. As the audience will get confused with the title Kargil, sarcastically it is a full fledged love firing. Initial the girl was framed on screen, once the hero starts to go to Bangalore, only the male eccentric expose on the screen till the end of the movie. The title would be matches like this “Chennai to Bangalore”.

The hero Jishnu Menon (Arjun), who were fixed tightly and his travelling made tired for the viewers. A lot of confusion is created in Arjun’s loved life and the guy how overtakes is the screenplay.

Story: Opening with the lovers, they were exposed in a felicitous situation, Arjun works in an IT company and getting an opportunity in the place of Bangalore for a project. But, Arjun’s lover requesting him to receive her father, that her father is back to India. The guy accepted to receive, suddenly Arjun’s MD Sindhu asking him to travel Bangalore project, which he was missed previously.

The young man decided to convince his lover and travels towards Bangalore. By this circumstance, the guy plan to send his uncle to receive the girl’s father and contrive to attract him. In the travelling Arjun was compressed by his MD Sindhu, company owner suppress by his words, another side Maha (lover) misunderstanding, a stranger call annoyed him and finally a customer call made to vexed more. Of all mix-up how Arjun overcome from the situation was portrayed in distinct concept.

The director’s new approach was getting exhausted, Arjun completely speaks on the phone calls in the movie. The music composer Vignesh Pai tried with distinct album.

Verdict: A long journey. So getting tired. Need patience.


Jishnu Menon


Director * Sivaani Senthil

Music * Vignesh Pai

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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