Katha Nayagan Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * expectations dragged down compare to the erstwhile film.

Synopsis: The film “Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran” trusted worthy with full stretched of comedy, even though there were erroneousnesses could observe the comedies overlaps, the actor Vishnu Vishal conceived with waggery in his upcoming movies to hit the audience and holding this comedy formula as a strong. Unfortunately, “Katha Nayagan” risible is lacking and the director compromised film with the love story.

Story:”Katha Nayagan” film is written and directed by Muruganandham. All of a sudden, the hero Thambi Durai falls in love at first sight and getting help from his childhood friend Annadurai and he was the forthcoming comical actor Soori. With all tricky performances of Annadurai makes Catherine Tresa started to give her love on Thambi Durai. Unluckily, Thambidurai had the characteristics of avoiding social crusade and he afraid of facing the problems.

Merely, heroine’s father is upside down, being an old man he goes forward and raises the question against anti-people. Now the situation goes wrong, while Thambidurai’s mother was step into the heroine’s house for the marriage proposes, regrettably heroine’s father rejects the proposal due to Thambidurai’s worst attitudes. In the second half, Soori’s comedies matches with Dubai Sheik entry holds the film and at the end how the guiltless guy becomes as a hero is the rest of the concept.

Vijay Sethupathi played as a chief doctor, he comes for a few sequels, in his usual body language and dialogues he attracts the audience. The actor as well as the producer of the movie is Vishnu Vishal has given his performance level gone higher and the heroine Catherine Tresa moves throughout the scenes as a gorgeous lady. The songs are not much catchy and it doesn’t make the audience to whisper.

Verdict: Watchable for one time.


Vishnu Vishal

Catherine Tresa





Saranya Ponvannan

Vijay Sethupathi in a guest appearance


Directed by * Tha. Muruganantham

Produced by * Vishnu Vishal

Written by * Tha. Muruganantham

Music by * Sean Roldan

Cinematography * J. Laxman

Edited by * Sridharan

Production company * Vishnu Vishal Studios

Distributed by * Fox Star Studios

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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