Kathiruppor Pattiyal Movie Review

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Genre: Achromatic * fused up mere script and infixed with a new concept.

Synopsis: The film “Kathiruppor Pattiyal” is directed by Balaiya D Rajasekar, the songs were composed by Sean Roldan had given melodies, which beats the heart of his music and gives a warm compassionate feeling the movie was produced by Baija Tom.

The artists Sachin Mani and Nandhitha Swetha have acted in the preeminent role and the content track in love story. At the same instant, Railway cops how they are locking up the public for the pestiferous and from this the tale moves on.

The film director made the audiences to engage by his polished and mere screenplay. The flick never stints in unnecessary areas and travels with adequate concept. In the opening sequel made some curious towards an action play that a guy chase in the railway station, slowly sequences track on another path.

Story: The flick unfolds with a guy Sathiya (Sachin Mani), who dogged a girl Megala (Nandhitha), in the Tambaram railway station, RPF cops were sharpening on people who have behaved badly in the railway station.

In that, a group of people grabbed by an inspector Williams and were getting locked in a place. Many of them communion their experiences, how they were tripped up by the inspector.

For the comedies gears up, a sex doctor eccentric Manobala acted in the Kunjitha Badham role, Mayilsamy was in Kodeeswaran character and portrayed in front of everyone as a royal man, but he was a beggar, Sathish (Appukutty), an aspirant filmmaker Baskar (Senrayan), an actor Sasikumar fan Kuttipuli (Arunraja Kamaraj).

All were sharing their impish behaviour,  about the turn comes to Sathiya that he explains his love story and were getting inspired and Megala’s father was forced to get married to another guy.

Now, the guys are planning to escape Sathiya from Williams custody for elope with his lover. What is the plan? Did their plan was getting success. With all comedy stuffed the flick entertaining the audience.

Nandhitha, commonly appears in seriously roles. In this film she had done tempting character. Sachin has come in a decent way and given the best, M Sukumar’s cinematography helped in the song sequels, first half gradual progress and in the second half comic incidents blow out till climax.

Verdict: Holds the attention of the audiences.


 Sachin Mani

Nandita Swetha






Nan Kadavul Rajendran

 Arunraja Kamaraj

Chitra Lakshmanan



Director * Balaiya D. Rajasekhar

Producer * Baija Tom

Music * Sean Roldan

Lyrics * Yuga Bharathy

Cinematography * M Sukumar

Editing * Ruben

Art Direction * Lalgudi N Ilayaraja

Action Direction *  M Ganesh

Choreography *  Shoby

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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