Kattappava Kanom Movie Review

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kafapaGenre: Drollery * have to abide the film, in some panoramas made nark on externalize the dirty non veg pranks.

Synopsis: The titled “Kattappava Kanom” Kattappa is Missing, wasn’t a character missed in the film, a lucky fish was missing from his owner Vanjaram (Mime Gopi), and the missed fish is reached in the hand of unlucky guy Pandian (Sibiraj), with the help of lucky fish how the hero Pandian reached to a level, to know clearly reads out “Kattappava Kanom” story and know the favourable fish name.

Story: An unlucky guy Pandian’s flashback story was given in a short and crisp with the cartoons and vox was a familiar to a hero of Vijay Sethupathi, actually the flashback wasn’t relevant to the script, the cartoon story was excellent compared with the Pandian’s father predicted his son’s life, by saying a girl whose name starts with an alphabet ‘C’ will bring a great change in his life and the job.

Parallel, Vanjaram a rowdy who believed in an Arowana fish and keeps his whole heart, even named it as “Kattappa”, Yogi Babu is a character who appears shortly and coming to steal the Arowana fish, it passes to several hands.

In the meanwhile, a modern girl Meena and Pandian meeting in a pub place and getting affair with each other, both were getting married and started up their livelihood in a struggling, in this circumstance, for their secret marriage Pandian’s friend Surprise’ Sheela (Chandini) gifts them a lucky fish (Kattappa), in this neighbourhood a baby dreams that lucky fish has the capacity of fulfilling the wishes, the unlucky couple makes a secret wish in front of the Arowana fish that they want one crore to start a normal life.

Now a gangster of strangers Thirumurugan, Jaya Kumar, Kaali Venkat, keeps house arrest for days for the reason, days back couple was helping a strange man was injured and the couple was in helping to catch an ambulance, unfortunately the stranger was dead by whispering the code words and the secret was he had hidden 4 crores in a secret place. Now the three strangers rowdies also propose a deal that the couple can get one crore if they reveal the place where the money is hidden. Pandian uses his intellectual and how he gets the money and finally his good luck is being started up in the climax.

Verdict: ill-omened


Sibiraj * Pandian

Aishwarya Rajesh * Meena




Kaali Venkat

Mime Gopi


Nalan Kumarasamy


Chitra Lakshmanan

Mimicry Sethu

Yogi Babu


Directed * Mani Seiyon

Produced * Wind Chimes Media Entertainments

Written * Mani Seiyon

Music * Santhosh Dhayanidhi

Cinematography * Anand Jeeva

Edited *Sathish Suriya

Production company * Wind Chimes Media Entertainments

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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