Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali Movie Review

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Genre: Suspense * a venture story, the delirious expectancy of a forthcoming climax.

Synopsis: A commissioner Aadukalam Naren, who have been paths the story, an unveiling actor Jaivanth is being preached out Tamilian fortune and the struggling, a new face was imported from Rajasthan Ira Agarwal in a diplomatic eccentric.

As the film deals with the northern people domination and Jaivanth gives voices towards Tamilian. But don’t know the reason he had been depended on the North side actress for his movie!!!

Story: A middle class family who is dependent with a car for their basic lifetime to survive, one month due lead their family to go for suicide and their son become as an orphan boy. The next scene, an opening song with director, which was in preachy and one more unfolding song for the hero.

The commissioner starts to investigate the case about the people who buys vehicle in the leading financial company had been destroyed very soon. This issue creates problem among the public and with this unsolved issue, the commissioner had been handed over the case to Kaali.

The story travels with more suspicions that a psychic man burned out all vehicles. The guy covers his face with a helmet and the tale moves on an escapade. At the end the helmet guy revealed on why he had been doing such psychic works with the vehicles. It was a hilarious concept with the hard title “Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali”

An opening song was in verbally, there was one more song for sporting ladies and they keep up demand by this song. There is no romantic or love story with gods grace this show healthy attitude of Tamil cinema.

Verdict: Surpassing what is common and expected.



Ira Agarwal


Aadukalam Naren

Munnar Ramesh



by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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