Kee Movie Review

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Technology influenced the human society, cyber crime brings out practical problems.

Synopsis: In the modern world technologies key out every individual personal, which the hackers loops in private life and identify their personality. The film “Kee” brings about an intellectual guy Siddharth (Jiiva), who is a smart hacker that he grabs the data, when he is in college and who were around him. Initially, the film contains Siddhu’s carefree life with his friends and among the family that his father was jovial in his every mischievous behavior.

The film holds an awareness that future generations shouldn’t hang up with the technologies, with the social media like Facebook sharing of links, which the hacker test out the human psychological aspects and easy way to access their personal life and influenced them easily.

The film was directed by Kalees that he had consorted with Selvaraghavan, which the debut director Kalees had given a scientific thriller which was compressed by the elements of emotions, a father and the son’s relationship screens out on a friendly manner. A friendship between the guys and with a girl gives sensitive knot other than comedy tracks, amorous and cyber thriller made an entertainment wrapped for the audience.

Story: Siddhu leads a happy life with his college friends, but Siddu uses his talent which ruled over towards human beings with his smart technology. Throughout the film Siddhu’s trickiness behavior peaks up, in the fist half Siddhu shows his romantic game with Vandana and in the second half romance was getting started with Diya (Nikki Galrani), the director focused on future generations must predicted with the cyber world.

The film contains puzzling activities of the public, that they were controlled by the cyber gang, Vandana monitors Siddhu’s behavior that he is the right choice for controlling the cyber monsters. At a point, Vandana was targeted by the cyber demons, Vandana’s death and Siddhu lovable father’s accident which makes an impact on and he started destroying the cyber giants.

Jiiva hold in causal performances, which the concept always safeguards in his movies, Nikki Galrani charming behavior protects her, Anaika Soti opens out the consequence which revolving in the society and revealed by her eccentric, R J is supported by the comical attitudes made entertainment.

Verdict: sense of the intelligence, beyond ordinary understanding.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Jiiva * Siddharth

Nikki Galrani * Diya

Anaika Soti * Vandana

RJ Balaji * Mark

Rajendra Prasad



Meera Krishnan


Directed by * Kalees

Produced by * S. Michael Rayappan

Written * Kalees

PRO * Riaz K Ahmed

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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