Kelmbitangaya Kelmbitangaya Movie Review

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Comedy * in a strange manner, dragged out exerting force.

Synopsis: The movie prunes upon many characteristics, externalizes in the many parts of the distinctness location and something blurred drama made curious in the opening. The title was an uttermost childish and the play stuffed with senior most artists, but unfortunately the screenplay wasn’t matured. In the opening, a few sequence made to feel as it is a horror content and it has been moved to normal comic film.

Story: The story fluctuates with more situate and it was really confused about the climax. A businessman was getting cheated by his workers and this made to revenge on them. So the businessman planning to kidnap one of his works family members (Wife and Child) and the fellows nominating for the four ripened kidnappers, all were not able to kidnap the worker’s family, due to their age was constrained to hold them up. Now these older men, tries to appoint for four young guys and they kidnaps a mother and the child in a car.

The guys were dropping them in a forest area, due to the cops are targeting them as the terrorist and runs on the interior place of a forest and tribal people treats them in a different way, as they are coming from different parts of a place and plan to cut their head, for their community growth.

Now, the investigation goes into the hands of CBI K. Bhagayaraj, who observes the case and getting that gang was a useless and even about the four guys. Of all these confusions, the missed child moves inside a ghost bungalow and plays with a spirit and comes out casually by waving her hand.

All the senior artists were contending in the performance and the screenplay struggles a lot till the end. The director and the actor K. Bhagayaraj not involved in many areas, just appeared as an investigator, in a few sequence, that he had safeguarded himself and Mansoor Ali Khan speakers out of the peculiar tribal language and it was really ludicrous.

Verdict: Most risible abstract by the director.


R. Sundarrajan

K. Bhagyaraj

Dr. Srinivasan

R.V. Udayakumar

Nellai Siva


Director * R. Sundarrajan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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