Keni Movie Review

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Genre: Social causes * a justification for something existing that happening in the society.


The movie starts with all confusion, where it is stepping up, in the break time the audience might get a clarification the film holds for a village people who suffers in the water scarcity. The film track on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu, so in the first half Malayalam and in the second half full fledged with Tamil artists and Tamil language might realize. The story is all about life of Puliyanmalai people’s drawback and the film hold of a man-made drought and how they tolerated in the village.

Story: At the opening, in Television and newspapers, the headlines speak about film artists a day to day life concerns annoys for an advocate and the journalists were moving to getting a good news coverage among the society in such case, the tale starts with Indira forfeit everything for a village people.

Hariharan was getting arrested and he is a geologist who works in a government office in Alapuzha, the higher official people force him to overlap the degeneracy by refusing the hierarchy order he was arrested and he loses his life in the jail. When the investigation was started that he had a house with the well in Alapuzha and his wishes is to give water, who suffer from scarcity of water in the place of Puliyanmalai.

A corrupt ministers use this situation and they plan to move the village people and decided to bring an industrial development project in the area. By this project, Puliyanmalai people’s suffers from water scarcity Now, Indira who takes steps for Puliyanmalai people.

Initially, the script made baffled, once the entry of Revathy, Thalaivasal Vijay and Prathibhan, the audience can conclude with the screenplay. The second half gives the films destination and ends with an elucidating.

Verdict: Blurred in the first half.


Thalaivasal Vijay



Anu Haasan


Jaya Prada


Directed by * J. Sasikumar

Produced by * Prem Navas

Music by * G. Devarajan

Cinematography * Melli Irani

Edited by * MS Mani

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


Mixture of entertainment like movie related to photographs, Events, Commercial Events and News.