Kidaari Movie Review

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kidariGenre: Violent action

Synopsis: Almost Sasikumar’s movies based on village oriented scripts, ferocious manipulate in every sequel. Casualties in using of weapon like “billhook” and blood explode out to make in a nonchalantly. Virtually, heroine approaches him, overlooked by words, actions and finally accepts the heroine.

Story:  Opening with bloody hand and the title of the movie avows that Sasikumar hasn’t updated his role, many eccentrics are involved in the story even though an old character had been explained that the viewers’ hard to sustain those characters. Come to the peak, in the place of Sathur Kombaiya Pandian (Vela Ramamoorthy) is a brawny man controlling relatives and whoever person, no right to rule over his area. Kombaiya Pandian had corners of enemies, but in a situation he was hit by a foe. But the safeguard Kidaari sharp to monitor for catch up on the slayer. With as usual ending, Kombaiya Pandian cheated the Kidaari’s father (Napoleon). In what way he tackles the scoundrel was the final touch.

This week’s horror movie missed out, instead horrific characters and screenplay, Sasikumar can try to come out from coarse script. The songs not much catching, but sure to say BGM work out well. The get up of Kadaari and exaggerations of his appearances are tempted down by picturing him on the screen, only the BGM backups aggressive on his role.

Verdict: a bore weekend with a raging movie.


Sasikumar * Kidaari

Nikhila Vimal * Chembha


Suja Varunee * Loganayaki

O. A. K. Sundar * Pulikutthi

PandiyanVela Ramamurthy * Kombaiah Pandiyan


Directed * Prasath Murugesan

Produced * M. Sasikumar

Written * PRASATH Murugesan

Music * Darbuka Siva

Cinematography * S.R. Kathir

Edited * Praveen Antony

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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