Kolaigaran Movie Review

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An obtuse movie based on thriller tale, leads to a blur and illogical sequence.

While observance the film “Kolaigaran” first hits of “Papanasam” movie, some of them knew about the film, Kamal hides evidence and safeguard his family members, in the film “Kolaigaran” Prabhakaran creates an intellectual alleged matter of fact whose truth is investigated by the cop Karthikeyan is established to be closed in the climax.

Next is Prabhakaran surrender towards the police station that he is the man who killed the strange Vamshi. In the interval block the screenplay reveals Prabhakaran was an IPS officer in Hyderabad, as he is a mentor for other cops in the department and that he deal the cases in a ticklish manner. In that scenario, the cop Prabhakaran prisoned a ruffian fellow. But the aggressive rowdy escapes from the jail to revenge Prabhakaran. Unfortunately, Prabhakaran’s wife was killed by the scoundrel. As we knew in the intermission Prabhakaran is a police officer that he can’t kill rowdy legal?

The film was borrowed from the original version of “The Devotion of Suspect X” and it has been altered according to the Kolloywood viewers. The film takes a slow move, which was speeded up by the police Karthikeyan’s investigation. Vijay Antony’s most of the film’s title hyper the audience curiosity in that list “Kolaigaran” is added.

Karthikeyan, almost investigates the Prabhakaran case and finally questions himself and found the answer why the reason, for the unknown girl Dharani to help voluntarily, reason behind was that she looks like his wife Aradhana. With this messed narration of the story the content interlocks old formula with upgraded with a slight twirl.

Vijay Antony’s outlook always perfect in his films with casual performances. Arjun again complete his role with the cop eccentric, which he looks arduous in his frames. On the whole best of this film is BGM and a song “Andavane Thunai” gives energetic towards the audience other than dumb drama.

Verdict: self-defense of a couple ladies simultaneously revenge of the cop.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Arjun Sarja * Karthikeyan IPS

Vijay Antony * Prabhakaran IPS

Ashima Narwal * Dharani and Aradhana

Seetha * Lakshmi

Nassar * Retired Police Officer


Directed by * Andrew Louis

Produced by * Pradeep

Music by * Simon K. King

Cinematography * Mukesh

Edited by * Richard Kevin

Production Company * Diya movies

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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