Komban Movie Review

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Genre: Action slant, Drama mash, Romance sprinkles

Actors: Karthi, Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran, I.M. Vijayan


Karthi played a slaughter blend of serving heart in the place of Ramanathapuram district and he had a relationship with Lakshmi Menon after their marriage, the hero (Karthi) and father-in-law (Rajkiran) facing clash.


“Paruthiveeran” massive smack on the basis of village subject, next followed to Karthi is “Komban”. To make a clear vision to the audience, Komban movie related to action, Drama and Romance. The vastly note movie doesn’t show any caste discrimination.

Karthi played a profession slaughter and had a helping tendency toward people in the place of Arasanadu village, in certain Karthi well-liked to get marry with Lakshmi Menon (Palani) and his kind heart observed by Rajkiran (father-in-law). After their marriage Rajkiran knew that Karthi’s second face and they both getting discrepancy. At one point, Karthi getting separated from his family and Karunas (Muniyandi) advisory about the situation and Karthi was requested for forgiveness to his father-in-law.

Villains are planning to kill both Karthi and Rajkiran and set of village movie formula applied in the climax. Watch the movie Karthi’s tremendous acting and Rajkiran emotional gesture.

Verdict: Initially with gossiped, but Komban is a completely wretched immense village subject film, the relationship between Hero and father-in-law.


Mixture of entertainment like movie related to photographs, Events, Commercial Events and News.