Actress Reginaa Cassandraa launches ‘KOMPANERO’ SS’ 18 Vintage leather accessories & footwear Brand at Palladium Mall, Chennai

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Actress Reginaa Cassandraa launches ‘KOMPANERO’ SS’ 18 Vintage leather accessories & footwear Brand at Palladium Mall, Chennai on 11th May 2018. Kompanero’s new spring collection offers a range of Hand Bags, Sling Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks, Messengers, and Portfolio Bags. Each KOMPANERO bag is handcrafted, individually piece-dyed and put through a unique ageing process.The brand closely works with local community of craftsmen and women and most of our products intentionally have some level of intricate handcrafting in an effort to support, sustain and grow the culture of craftsmanship. Our Signature Woven bags with hand woven leather body have become a mainstay of the fashion circuit. The new collection is a fresh take on summer patterns; we use edgy lasers on our hand-crafted bags to carve out floral & forest motifs characterized by design that takes inspiration from traditional olive family flower plant-Juhi. The SS 18’ Collection also sees the introduction of a host of new intricately hand-woven patterns inspired from nature, like the striking “Dew-Drop” weave. Nature is the common theme throughout the collection and the influence can again be seen in the “Crescent moon” collection. Kompanero bags are handcrafted by crafts-women & crafts-men using Vegetable tanned leather and with the vision to create a completely bio-degradable product. Every Kompanero product is a conscious effort to move towards a more sustainable environment and away from horrible synthetic products. It is also a testimony of our commitment to craftsmen community.

About KOMPANERO: The brand name Kompanero is inspired from the Spanish word that means “Companion” and has been strategically evolved around the platform of companionship, which personal baggage is all about. Kompanero strives to create products that grow in character over time, relevant to the current fashion trend. This unique character is achieved by a special ageing process that all the products go through. The finish and style interpretation of KOMPANERO is natural, matured, and has a little bit of deliberate imperfect & rough feel. The designs are developed by our team of Italian, German and Indian designers. Kompanero simultaneously launched in India, Australia and UK markets in the year 2014. Since then Kompanero has grown rapidly with 22 stores across India and a very strong distribution network in Australia [250 stores] and UK [70 stores]. The brand has been able to create a niche for itself in no time with its signature vintage style marrying contemporary trends with ageless appeal. The unique vintage and distressed Kompanero look is available only with Kompanero and no other brand has been able to replicate it so far. The unique deep dyeing and ageing process, gives each bag a unique look and transforms it into a work of ART, such that no two “KOMPANERO” bags are ever exactly alike.


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