Koothan Movie Review

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Genre: Dabble drama * ingenuousness performances, and the film dragged into the basic rhythmic dance oriented is the outline. 

Synopsis: The film explores all about the dancers stratum, even the title “Koothan” makes to understand, it is full fledged satisfying aesthetic standards of sensibilities. Initially, the flick based with the dancers script, opening made wearied of continuous songs. 

As we have seen the actor Prabhu Deva’s film is based with abstracts of dancers and here is one more film “Koothan” that Prabhu Deva’s brother Nagendra Prasad had done in the negative role. 

The trade mark of dancer films is carried with the competitions will be conducted and the opponent will do all sorts of troubles and in that combat the guys are exploited to success. 

Story: With this above outline and by the extends songs, a set of guys who have the passion for the dancings and among the group our hero Raana (Raj Kumar), dance is the soul to him and for the guy Raana money becomes as a criteria, a set of people depends on the film industry and decided to help them.

In this situation, Srilakshmi (Srijita Ghosh), and her elder sister, who runs a classic dance school and the dance Krishna (Nagendra Prasad), who cheat Srilakshmi’s family. Now the young girl wanted to revenge Krishna in the dance competition.

Now the two dancers Raana and Lakshmi joins together for a competition, which the final level held at Singapore. With all struggles the guys put up their efforts and in the grand finale Raana and Lakshmi gets the victory.

The actress Urvashi’s as usual over expression made some cramps when visualization on screen. The furnished actor Bhagyaraj, Junior Balaiya, Manobala and Renuka are not influenced in the story. 

Verdict: Less performances.

Rating: 2 / 5


Nagendra Prasad * Krishna 




Kira Narayanan



Directed  Venky Al

Written by * Venky Al

PRO * Shiek

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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