Koottali Movie Review

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Genre: Dramatic play * touchstone screenplay of the belligerent youth tragedy, in which their protagonist overcome by some superior force of circumstances.

Synopsis: The director Mathi SK perches on the story in a merest way. It’s all about the youngsters survival in the tough situations and Sathish is a guy who starts to get affair with a girl. Unluckily, their love life was spoiled by the girl’s father and what is happening to the guys is the tale. The actor Sathish exposed the movie along with Appu Kutty, Kalai, Udhayabanu Mageswaran and Krisha Kurup, Britto Michael had composed music for the movie.

Story: The flick starts with the four guys and they were under the control of local baffling. The guy Sathish and his pals were capturing the cars from the someone who owns and update the information to the money man. Now, Sathish’s foreman assigned to a task that he has to capture a politician’s car. In this circumstance, the politician was getting tempestuous with the guys.

In the place of Pondicherry the guy Sathish sketches for a car, he accidentally collides on Divya (Krisha Kurup), but his heart was followed with Divya that she is alive or not, at a fine situation Sathish come to know the girl was still alive and he was happy to see her again in the place of Chennai city. Initially, both were misunderstood for the situation happened and later couple was falling in love.

Now, Divya was enduring her life in the hostel and her father was worst in the character and her mother loses the life by missing her daughter. At a point, she moves to her father’s house to do favours for her friends and lover. The girl Divya’s father, who is a policeman and he was observing daughter’s love affair and plans to break up their love. At last, Is Divya realizes her father’s plan and join with Sathish is the balance screenplay.

The director Mathi SK, tried to win over the audience. Sathish had superintended by his performance and the heroine looks refined in the sequences.

Verdict: Just entertaining enough to be worth watching.







Krisha Kurup


Director * Mathi SK

Music * Britto Michael

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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