Krishnam Movie Review

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An avowedly incident, goose bumps on the existence of divinity. 

Synopsis: “Krishnam” is a Mollywood film, which was  taken the real incident of producer Balaram and his son Akshay Krishnan has given the miserable package to show the belief would attain in hardest scenarios. In the first half,” Krishnam” contains all the commercial aspects, which made exhausted. All sorts of buds energetic ventures and a love affair envisioned.

In the second half, the director   

Dinesh Baboo, focused on the sentiments towards relationship, which holds in the dried out situations. Even the film doesn’t contain with lots of devotion stuffs, with erstwhile spiritual cinematic way. It had proceeded casual life of a common man, who keeps affection with his son.

Story: The Tamil audience depicts Malayalam flour throughout the film. Akshay Krishnan, who is energetic guy, his father Balaram and mother Meera keeps their whole heart by taking care of the elder son, Akshay’s mother was a little arduous towards him. 

In contrast, Akshay’s father jovial to him and gives suggestions to Akshay’s love, that his son wanted to become a kind heart guy among the society. Akshay’s college principal select him for the inter college competition and Akshay’s father arranging for a choreographer to get the prize in the dance competition. 

On the stage Akshay was getting stuck up and falling down and immediately the fellow was admitted in the hospitals. The specialist diagnosis about his pain and that was initially Hernia that was operated and slowly recovered, by the doctor advise that he wants to keep in the observations for one day to take some other tests. 

Now, in the observation a specialist doctor Sunil diagnosis that Akshay’s heart was filled with fluids, which covers the heart and made the heart to pump in weak and his internal organs were slowly getting damage. 

By hearing this, Akshay’s father was getting down and keeps his belief towards Lord Guruvayoorappan, the doctor Sunil believed his own power and that he was getting stuck up in the operation theatre. 

With an adherent situation Akshay was getting cured and starting to lead a basic life. The film “Krishnam” team intension to feel out the power of the deity.

Akshay Krishnan was energetic in his each frame, Saikumar and Santhi Krishna emotions were realistic and Dinesh Baboo’s cinematography was deserving.

Verdict: An Instinctive drama.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Akshay Krishnan

Ashwarya Ullas


Shanthi Krishna 

Renji Panicker

V. K. Prakash


Anjali Nair


Directed by * Dinesh Baboo

Produced by * P. N. Balaram

Written by * Dinesh Baboo

Story by * P. N. Balaram

Music by * Dileep Singh 

Cinematography * Dinesh Baboo

Edited by * Abhilash Balachandran

Production Company * PNB Cinemas

PRO * Sakthi Saravanan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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