Kudimagan Movie Review

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A happy family woefully turns with ruth, alcohol plays a critical role in their life.

Synopsis: With the title “Kudimagan” pokes into the mind that a citizen of the nation, how to lead life in the society, which a father keeps the family members in his hand and his son state that after his education, the boy’s dream is to become as a chief minister. In the parallel, the small bud’s father getting addicted with alcohol. Now the pleasing family life filled with ruefulness, with this baseline the film tracks with tardily forms.

The story goes around in a village stratum, the family man Jaikumar belongs to a farmer’s family, that he takes care of his wife and son with all adeptnesses, even he had dreams that his son wanted to shine in the society, the director Sathieshwaran chooses the current scenario about a common man struggling. The film was produced by Jeevamalar Sathieshwaran, the prominent eccentrics are Jaikumar, Nanditha Jennifer, Sriram Parthasarathy.

Story: The film captured in the village areas and how about a common citizen filled with a happy life, which alcoholic made his life into a tragedy. A farmer man Kandhan with his friends enjoys the village life, later his friends were compelled to taste out liquor. But his wife and son’s request Kandhan stops to drink alcohol. Unfortunately, Kandhan friends starting to force him to try again.

On the other side, Kandhan take care of his nephew from the childhood and even Kandhan spends money for his education. Once Kandhan’s health gets spoiled by using alcohol and Kandhan pledges his land for nephew’s education, which the land goes out of his hand.

By seeing this situation Kandhan’s wife takes a wrongful decision, that she mixes poison in the food and decided to give to his husband and even to her child. The boy was rescued and his parents loose out their life.

Need to honor, which the director’s initiated that he focused on by giving a message apart from trying to make a commercial aspects.

The director’s intention is to provide information towards the society alcohol abuse a happy family. Even alcohol affects the future of the children. But in this commercial world, how the audience accepts this film to hit with a great success. The music was composed by S. M. Prashaanth gives a seemly stratum.

Verdict: cognizance drama

Rating: 2.5 / 5



Nanditha Jennifer

Sriram Parthasarathy



Directed by * Sathieshwaran

Produced by * Pethan Chithan

Screenplay * Sathieshwaran

Music * S.M.Prashaanth

Cinematography * C.T. Arulselvan

Edit by * KR. Selvaraj

Production Company * Jeevamalar Sathieshwaran Movies

PRO * R. Kumaresan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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