“Kuppathu Raja” team set the norms of cleaning the shores

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“Around 60% of the Chennai seas are filled with plastic leading to decline of fishes” says ‘Kuppathu Raja’ producer Saravanan.

“Actor G V Prakash has been spear heading many social activities that build his growing reputation as a very society conscious actor. Good habits are infectious and his deed of social activities are followed by his producers too. Saravanan , the producer of G V Prakash’s “Kuppathu Raja” takes a leaf out of his hero’s book and ventured into an act of social work.

“A country’s progress isn’t just decided by the harvest in agricultural lands, but it depends on oceanic life as well. In the recent times, it’s quite evident that the scale of fish business has apparently decreased to a greater number in Tamil Nadu, whereas it remains flourished in the neighboring regions. Producer Saravanan (Kuppathu Raja fame) gives a clear-cut description of this bleak scenario.

“Before couple of months, we had few people from Ocean Awareness team approaching us for sponsorship to conduct BOAT RACE in Besant Nagar. Following by detailed discussion, it was revealed that over the past 4-5 years, lots of waste material deposits are being found in seas, where fishermen find nearly 60% of their nets filled with plastic materials. It was even shocking to see a video of plastic materials deposited in a Dolphin’s throat. In gradual rise of such waste materials, the breeding of fish will decline in the respective areas. To bring to public attention, these members had organized a Marathon before few months, which wasn’t a success. So they decided to come up with the boat race. The reason they cited behind choosing Elliot’s Beach is that whenever they introduced themselves as North Chennaites, they were degraded as rowdies and miscreants.

So we decided to come up with the best we could do for this ‘Boat Race’. A major share of help came from I Dreams Theatre Owner Moorthy. Honourable Jayakumar, Minister of Fisheries took part in the occasion and promised to take such activities to the next level.

Actor Parthiepan was present for the occasion, where he said, “It’s not an easy thing to avoid plastic materials and covers. Even a book when purchased from stores has a plastic wrapped to it. Eventually, what we can do is that not to throw it away on roads, but into dustbins or carry back home and dispose them.”

There was a good response to the entire event and for more details about this group involved in Ocean Awareness, it can be found in Facebook and Twitter pages.”


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